Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Animal repetitive print idea

Above is an idea I had while working on a project for uni, the idea came from drawing out simple sketches of animals (mine being my pet hamster Fooey, named him after seeing the Foo Fighters at the Isle of wight festival) I was quite pleased with the outcome of a silhouette image of my hamster, which i thought could work well for a repetitive pattern. As you can see the above images are the outcomes of my ideas.
The other idea coming in to these pieces was to have a surprise element e.g. one standing out. So I decided to add a longer tail to one of the silhouettes to make it look like a mice/rat/mouse was trying to imitate the hamsters to try and fit in.

Welcome to the Cloud appreciation society

Last input for a while posting my uni work, but we were given the task to illustrate and create either a poster or postcard for the cloud appreciation society, with the themes either being : surrealism, propaganda or psychedelic.

As you can see I went for the Psychedelic final effect, but to begin with i was going for the propaganda feel, especially the communist posters, which i find to be very effective and iconic images.

After designing the initial piece, the colouring that I was intending to use (being red and white) were too hard and harsh on the image, so i ended up experimenting different colour combo's. And as you can see i ended up on settling for the orange and pink combo, both of which work pretty well, especially to give the image that soft effect that I was asked to find for my image to work with the cloud image.

The text in the middle is the manifesto for the cloud appreciation society.

enjoy :)

Dinner anyone?

Again with the last post, I was given a written article by a re-known food critic criticising people who go a bit barmy over who pays what on the bill (article being called "Sharing the Bill" give it a read quite a good piece, make you laugh as well as you can relate to it).
Anyway my take on the whole thing was to have instead a table of 8 people, I decided to do 8 birds instead, with the waiter being a mouse, and the thing to be scrabbling over is the last worm.

Enjoy people

(c) Kyle Finnerty

Friday, 5 October 2012

The cloud appreciation society

Recently we were given a written piece from the "Cloud appreciation society" from our tutors to work on as a project
heres my idea, what y'all think??