Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Picturing Time - 2013

For my most recent University Project we were briefed to enter a minimum of 2 competitions, the 2 I chose to do was: Puffin Design - Wind In The Willows (previous post)
and Picturing Time.

This picture is my entry for Picturing Time.

enjoy :)

(c) Kyle Finnerty

Friday, 25 January 2013

IF: wings

A while back I was doing a commission for a local author (for copyright reasons I can't discuss the idea or story of the book) and these are one of the quick sketch's I did for the book, this image I was very chuffed at creating, and it was different for me to do and it was nice to get away from drawing dragons and other cartoony things and create something very lifelike 

A Horde Of Hamsters

Recently at Uni, we were giving the task to work with a animal collective noun, and seeing as I own  a hamster I decided to go with the Hamster collective noun, which was a Horde of Hamsters.

So I decided to continue on with that noun and create 5 characters. The original idea was to come up with 13 characters and loosely base them on the 13 companions in J.R.R.Tolkien "The Hobbit". But due to time restrictions I couldn't create 13 separate characters and decided to create 5 Hamsters, and one nemesis which was based on the Hamsters natural predators (e.g. Hawks, Owls, Snakes etc). I decided to go with a Hawk as I feel they can be made to look quite menacing and as a bird of prey its a common species which you easily connect being a rodent-based eater.

After I finish this latest project I'm gonna try and continue on with this idea and perhaps base an idea onto making this a book.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Commission : Logo for a Local Recording studio

Recently I was given a request to create a Logo for a local recording studio, called 
"Sky Phonic Productions". This wasn't really the sort of thing I go for, as I see it as more of a Graphic Design area of work, and not so much Illustration, but either way I gave the Logo ago and the owner of the recording studio was pretty chuffed with what I created. This was a nice short commission on something that was well out of my comfort zone and something I would like to work on more in the future, especially when I learn more techniques to create a more professional Logo design.

For anyone wanting to create any music or want their music to be recorded professionally the link above is the link to Sky Phonics Facebook page, drop a message the producer is a top man and is dead keen to produce music of all genres.

Commission for A-tonal recording studio

Recently I was given a commission to help create a advert for a music recording studio based in London called A-Tonal. This was a good experience for me, as this was the first commission I've had where I created work for someone I have never met and someone who lives away from Devon, massive thanks to Kyriacos Demetriou for giving me the chance to do this commission.

Link to A-tonal recording studio's for any of you who are interested in recording music.