Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Editorial Piece - Project

I found this after rummaging around my old PC and was quite surprised to find this. Anyway this piece was created during a editorial project we did during my second year, if your a Muse fan you can see that the album cover Absolution heavily inspired this piece (and its one of my all time favourite albums). The article was about how people can trace and track terrorists, fugitives, criminals were now thanks to their shadows and the way they walked, the title of this article is called "Betrayed by your shadow", this was quite a fun article to do, may keep this in mind when I'm looking for work after education.

The power of advanced technology can be truly terrifying and amazing.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Sky Phonics - business cards and other managerie

Couple of weeks back I was given a commission by a local music recording studio to design a logo for them. Thankfully it was accepted and was published and is still being used by the studio, and now thanks to the the studio they have recently sent me some pictures of my design being used on numerous items, such as mouse matts, car adverts, and business cards here are a few picture of the items, and below is a link to the facebook page of said music studio, if anyone out there reading this post is interested in their music being recorded and produced.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chasing cars....

Before I decided to go into the world of illustration, I was really into photography and loved the effects of a slow shutter speed while cars drove by, This was taken on a bridge which crosses over the road by the seafront.

CD covers

While looking through my folder of my old work, I stumbled across my first year work, and the CD album covers that I created during that year.
The idea of it was based on my interests, and what I love in life, so the cover is full of symbols that are found on the Playstation controllers, and the insidehad images of fish/fishing and a pint of cider haha.

enjoy folks :)