Saturday, 14 December 2013

Logo Commission

Recently I was asked to design a logo for one of my local contacts, the brief being : Create something whacky and different to what I usually do, must have some sort of wavey effect.

After researching alot and looking at the various album covers I own, and music posters, I came up with the idea to create a spacey effect, which had a wavey fluid effect I also quite like the idea of something moving smoothly, abit like a a lost spirit in the wild. The inspiration for this came from Muse's various spacey single covers for various songs like, knights of cydonia, Invincible Supermassive Blackhole etc.

So after experimenting with new techniques and idea's I have learnt via youtube tutorials I came up with a number of designs for my client, who was pretty impressed with what I had created and even commented that it was a massive leap from my initial designs I had done for him (which to me now appear very amateurish).
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Entry For Korn Single Artwork Competition

Recently I entered a competition to design a cover for Korn's latest single Love & Meth. My interpretation of the song was to cover the heart with meth needles that were in the shape of Korn's renowned microphone stand.

Entering this competition was great for me, as album artwork is an area of illustration that greatly inspires me and also as a huge lover of music as well.

Fingers crossed that something comes from this.