Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Plant Troll

Often found roaming the woodland realms of world, this creature is slow, docile and quite stupid. 
Territorial this creature will attack anything it feels is trying to take over his/her area. Apart from roaming around this creature will tend to flowers, or fallen trees and often can be seen making its home from fallen tree's.

This creature doesn't really tend to eat anything, and like plants lives mostly of the sun and drinking and soaking in water.

(c) Kyle Finnerty

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Final Major Project: Monsters In Our World

 For my final major project I decided to create a little fun fact book about Monsters for children. I decided this would be a great way to enhance and further develop my character designing skills while also learning more about how to publish and lay out my book properly. Unfortunately the final product wasn't perfect as you can see below the final cutting by the printing company was not that great and left too large white outlines which was a major annoyance, but apart from this I was generally happy with the final product.

Below are a series of images of some of the work inside the book and what the final product looks like.