Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Welcome to the Cloud appreciation society

Last input for a while posting my uni work, but we were given the task to illustrate and create either a poster or postcard for the cloud appreciation society, with the themes either being : surrealism, propaganda or psychedelic.

As you can see I went for the Psychedelic final effect, but to begin with i was going for the propaganda feel, especially the communist posters, which i find to be very effective and iconic images.

After designing the initial piece, the colouring that I was intending to use (being red and white) were too hard and harsh on the image, so i ended up experimenting different colour combo's. And as you can see i ended up on settling for the orange and pink combo, both of which work pretty well, especially to give the image that soft effect that I was asked to find for my image to work with the cloud image.

The text in the middle is the manifesto for the cloud appreciation society.

enjoy :)

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