Friday, 25 January 2013

A Horde Of Hamsters

Recently at Uni, we were giving the task to work with a animal collective noun, and seeing as I own  a hamster I decided to go with the Hamster collective noun, which was a Horde of Hamsters.

So I decided to continue on with that noun and create 5 characters. The original idea was to come up with 13 characters and loosely base them on the 13 companions in J.R.R.Tolkien "The Hobbit". But due to time restrictions I couldn't create 13 separate characters and decided to create 5 Hamsters, and one nemesis which was based on the Hamsters natural predators (e.g. Hawks, Owls, Snakes etc). I decided to go with a Hawk as I feel they can be made to look quite menacing and as a bird of prey its a common species which you easily connect being a rodent-based eater.

After I finish this latest project I'm gonna try and continue on with this idea and perhaps base an idea onto making this a book.

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