Friday, 2 August 2013

Horde Of Hamsters

For my Final Major Project I took on  the task of two projects to complete. The being the Monster book which needed the most time to be completed and printed seeing as more was going into it then the second project.

The second project was to continue on with the character development of a series of hamsters that I had entitled "A Horde Of Hamsters". This was a play on the animal collective noun for hamsters.  With the intial feedback from the first time attempt at these creatures the main negative comment I received was the fact that the hamsters themselves looked the same and could do with being more visually characteristic instead of using props or items.  I also based the hamsters heavily ont he dwarves from the hit movie "The Hobbit". These Dwarves were a massive influence since each dwarf has a visual characteristic that defines each character: e.g. Bombur was portrayed fat - this deducts that he is a fond lover of food and is the camps cook, Dwalin was depicted as being bold, with many scars and heavily equiped this concluded that dwalin was the natural born fighter of the group and the hard man of the fellowship.

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