Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Jewellers Logo

Recently I was asked by a local Jeweler to create a logo for her to be used for Business cards, websites etc. 
The brief for this client was: To include "Inspired by Nature", as a lot of her work is inspired by nature and the animals in this world, especially Butterflies, which the client asked if I could sketch out a couple of designs to be used with her logo. Along with the butterflies I was asked to use a posh-ish text and have the text either in pink/purple or black/silver. 

After creating several copies of the design the client was happy to settle on this design. I enjoyed partaking in this, as it was something different to what I normally do, and something to add to my new found skills in typography.

To contact the jeweler her facebook link is below, and on her page is a link to her work on a separate facebook page.

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